"Wreaking havoc on the above three is the sensational and utterly appealing Cooper, whose L.A. stage debut as Mr. Sloane provides the young Brit with a terrific showcase for his tiptop acting chops, crackerjack comic timing, and irresistible sex-appeal. Lighting up the stage from his first entrance, Cooper simply couldn't be better at bringing Orton's amoral psychopath to seductive, occasionally violent, always captivating life." - StageScene LA

"The cast is superb. Cooper is a sensual treat as Sloane." - Broadwayworld.com

"Very Satisfying." - LA WEEKLY

"Entertaining Mr. Sloane" boasts impressive performances from it's fine cast. Emrhys Cooper shines as Sloane in a sexually charged, nuanced portrayal." - Hollywood Revealed

"Emrhys Cooper, as the manipulative Mr. Sloane, is adorable and ironically sincere. Cooper's acting is bold and terraced and raw. This performance is, apparently, Cooper's Los Angeles debut, and rather than simply fit into a community of seasoned theatrical pros, Cooper is poised to raise the bar." - The Examiner

"Emrhys Cooper as Sloane sizzles with steamy boyish sensuality!" - Tolucan Times

"Emrhys Cooper is perfectly cast for the title role of Mr Sloane and handles the huge task of portraying con artist/ flirt/chancer/bully/opportunist and murderer spectacularly well." - The Anglo Files

"Cooper is every inch that man, with his irresistible Jude-Law looks and pan-sexual appeal." - Frontiers Magazine

"You know that a character such as Mr.Sloan comes to life when an actor truly understands the intricacy and complexity of his mind..in this case Emrhys Cooper not only understood him but lived the character making us all believe he truly was Mr. Sloan beyond the stage. So much so that I still question whether or not he is Mr. Sloan resurrected from 1964 through him." - Splash Magazine

Backstage West - Critics pick

"Cooper is physically perfect as the duplicitous gigolo and has fine moments, underplaying the role to contrast with the more broadly etched portraits." - Backstage